Butcher Zombies In Double Kick Heroes On Switch Next Week

Double Kick Heroes Screenshot

Plug In Digital and Headbang Club have confirmed a release date for Double Kick Heroes on Nintendo Switch.

This rhythm and shoot ’em up crossover will challenge you to survive in the “metal moshing and mayhemic post-apocalyptic nightmarish wasteland,” using the power of metal to survive 24 levels of madness while killing zombies riding in your Gundillac on the highway to hell.

Butchering zombies in time with metal music, 50 kerranging songs accompany the game’s Story Mode, with the chance to use the Joy-Con to air drum or stomp to the beat when playing on the portable home console.

“Man, it’s been a long journey but we’re pumped to be finally sharing Double Kick Heroes with you all,” explains Headbang Club’s David Elahee.

“We hope that you love our game as much as we do and enjoy the kick-ass soundtrack we’ve put together to celebrate all things metal. We can’t wait for people to try out air controls for Nintendo Switch which is a heap load of metallic fun, but please drum responsibly.”

Double Kick Heroes will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 13th August 2020 priced at £19.79 ($21.99).

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