Bullet Hell RPG Archvale Locks In December Release Date

Archvale Logo

Humble Games and IDoz have confirmed a release date for their bullet hell RPG Archvale on Nintendo Switch.

The land was once ruled by a malicious and cruel king who had terrorised those who faced him. Along with the fabled arch to Archvale, the king is regularly remembered in ghost stories and myths that are passed down through generations. All the remains of him are the Undying, beings who the king has cursed with immortality to live out their eternity within the confines of his prisons.

It is up to you to defeat the Undying and rid the world from the dark shadow that the king left behind. That will see you journey across diverse regions, looting and crafting your way to secure better weapons and equipment.

Such upgrades will help you succeed in overcoming the enemies that confront you, standing between you and the chance to discover the truth about the said-to-be-mythic arch to Archvale.

Archvale will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 2nd December 2021.

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