Buildings Have Feelings Too! Walks And Talks On Nintendo Switch

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Screenshot

Merge Games and Blackstaff Games have teamed up to release Buildings Have Feelings Too! on Nintendo Switch, a game where buildings can walk and talk to one another.

Every building has its own aspirations, hope and fears, and, just like humans, mostly spend their time trying to get along with each other and make it through the day.

If you hadn’t guessed, Buildings Have Feelings Too! is described as “a city management game with character.” You must grow your city while making sure that the individual buildings thrive, or otherwise live with the guilt at seeing them being demolished forever.

New industries can be researched over time and new architectural marvels can be built. World events may cause buildings to fail and business to go bankrupt, leaving you to discover new ways to maintain your city – whether that be refurbishing a building or moving one to a nicer area.

You will be able to grow your city to create multiple neighbourhoods, and specialist areas, like busy finance hubs or bustling theatre districts, will become available.

Buildings Have Feelings Too! will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in late Spring 2019.

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