Build Cities In ISLANDERS Console Edition On Nintendo Switch


Coatsink and GrizzlyGames have announced that the minimalist city-building strategy game ISLANDERS Console Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch.

With simple and intuitive building mechanics, you are challenged to build cities on colourful islands – placed in the most ergonomic way possible to earn points.

Reaching the target score will let you unlock more buildings as you progress through each procedurally generated island, which can range from lush green grasslands to dry deserts and snow mountainscapes.

“Making ISLANDERS was always about bringing city building to new audiences, so we’re thrilled to release the game on console for new budding island constructors (Console Players) to give it a try,” explains GrizzlyGames co-founder Friedemann Allmenröder. “We wanted to make a cozy, relaxing strategy game and we can’t wait for people to be able to play ISLANDERS from the comfort of the couch.”

ISLANDERS Console Edition is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at £4.49 ($4.99).

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