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LEVEL-5’s Nintendo eShop games on sale until February 23rd

In heralding the arrival of Weapon Shop de Omasse on Nintendo eShop next week, LEVEL-5 have placed their previously released Guild01 and Guild02 titles on sale in Europe. Between now and Sunday 23rd F...


BUGS vs. TANKS! Review

Keiji Inafune’s contribution to LEVEL-5’s Guild02 series sees us whisked back to World War II, although in a fantastical setting of an alternate reality. The year is 194x, and regional new...

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GUILD02 trio prepare for Nintendo eShop release

Having brought their GUILD01 collection (Aero Porter, Crimson Shroud, and Liberation Maiden) westward through the Nintendo eShop, LEVEL-5 have announced that they will soon bring the GUILD02 selection...

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