Broken Rules Offer To Help Port Undertale To Wii U


Undertale creator Toby Fox stirred excitement by sharing that he was considering porting his RPG to Nintendo platforms, but warned that it wasn’t “an announcement or promise.”

The game sees players control a child wandering the Underground, a secluded region underneath the Earth’s surface populated by monsters. These were banished from the surface after a war with humanity, and the child interacts with them on his quest to return to the surface. Players can freely choose between whether to kill or befriend them, with their choices affecting the game’s conclusion.

“It’s surreal that it’s newsworthy that a Nintendo rep tweeted at me,” Fox wrote. “I actually already talked to Nintendo about a port months ago, but Game Maker (what I use) doesn’t export to any Nintendo platforms.

“In most cases, the game would have to be reprogrammed from scratch. So I’m concerned about accuracy/bugs. I’ve reached the point of ‘might was well try it’ though. This isn’t an announcement or promise. BTW, I wouldn’t do the porting/reprogramming myself. It’d be up to someone else. I don’t know any actual programming languages.”

Austrian indie studio Broken Rules has stepped in to offer their help, specifying their pedigree in bringing Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Blek and Electronic Super Joy to Wii U – as well as being behind the console’s beautiful launch title Chasing Aurora.

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