Brewmaster Delayed Due To “Last-Minute Hiccups”

Brewmaster Logo

Fireshine Games and Auroch Digital have confirmed a release date for their authentic beer brewing simulator Brewmaster, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

“Due to some last-minute hiccups, we’re sad to say that the console versions of Brewmaster have seen a short delay,” the publisher explained. “The PC version is still planned to launch on September 29. We’ll have a new date for consoles soon, and really appreciate you sticking with us while we get things pitcher perfect.”

Inviting you to brew the beer of your dreams, you will have the chance to discover, learn and master the art of homebrewing. That will take you from perfecting authentic, chemistry-driven brewing techniques to bottling and labelling.

You will have all the tricks of the trade and the best equipment at your disposal, with the choice of following a recipe or experimenting with real-world ingredients to build your skills. Those looking to compare their efforts against others can enter friendly competitions, earning beer tokens that can be used to upgrade your equipment on your journey to become an even better brewer.

Brewmaster will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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