Break Free In Arcana Of Paradise: The Tower This April

Arcana Of Paradise: The Tower Logo

Shueisha Games and Tasto Alpha have confirmed a release date for Arcana of Paradise: The Tower, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

In this real-time roguelike deckbuilding adventure, you must break free from a prison housing 20 children atop a spire and journey into its mysterious depths in search of food and treasure.

After choosing a duo from the group of children – each of which has their own starting cards – you must perfect your deck to battle against The Tower’s bizarre inhabitants. You will need to string together multiple attack cards to deal damaging combos and time defense cards to parry an enemy’s advancements.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Real-Time Card Battles: Think fast! The Tower’s inhabitants won’t wait, so you’ll need to think on your feet and react to what they throw at you in real-time! Turn your cards (and some enemies!) on their heads, or deal a new hand if you don’t have what you need.
  • The Tower’s Endless Mystery: The Tower itself is endless, and each floor has new challenges waiting for you on every adventure. Choose your path, face different enemies, collect different cards and relics, and make the tough choice between gathering bread and pushing deeper toward the bottom!
  • Distinct Characters: Each of the children living in The Tower belong to one of three distinct combat classes, and has their own passive traits and starting cards. Venture into The Tower, increase your affinity with them and unlock more traits and starting cards!
  • An Enthralling Story and Epic Soundtrack: Guide the children through The Tower, and uncover more of its secrets with each run. Unlock new events, new cards, rescue new friends, solve puzzles, and more, all set to a melancholic and at times wacky soundtrack.

Arcana of Paradise: The Tower will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 20th April 2023.

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