Bravely Default surpasses 1 million sales worldwide


Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online has revealed that Bravely Default has surpassed sales of 1 million copies worldwide.

That has seen Square Enix’s 3DS exclusive JRPG achieve more than 400,000 copies purchased in Japan, with the other 600,000 bought throughout the rest of the world. That can naturally be seen as a resounding success, especially considering the game was developed as a new IP and spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light on Nintendo DS.

As a single-platform release, it also makes a striking comparison to the long-running Final Fantasy series, which has fallen on hard times across XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns, despite the successful rejuvenation of MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Square Enix will look to learn lessons from Bravely Default, which has resounded with consumers across Japan and the west, for Final Fantasy XV.

We were fairly enamoured by Bravely Default, writing in our review: “Without any expectation lauded behind it, Bravely Default can not only celebrate becoming the hidden gem of 2013, but the latest in an enviable string of must-have titles to have fluttered their way onto Nintendo’s handheld.”

[Thanks NeoGAF]

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