Bravely Default 2 Exploration Not Working? Here’s How Your Boat Works

Bravely Default 2 Exploration Screenshot

The Nintendo 3DS may be discontinued, but StreetPass lives on in spirit through the Exploration mode in Bravely Default II. If it is not working for you, we’re here to provide some pointers on how to make sure that it is kicked into gear.

After you first gain access to a boat early on in the role-playing game, you will be prompted to set out on your first expedition. What isn’t clear from the brief tutorial given for the relevant quest (Quest 001: Borrowing the Boat) is how you accumulate time for it, with it only mentioning that it is “a feature which works specifically when the system is in sleep mode.”

With the chance for your expeditions in the Exploration mode to last for up to 12 hours, I’m sure there are many that have been quitting out to play another game from the burgeoning Nintendo Switch library only to come back to Bravely Default II and see the timer remains unchanged.

The key part that is missing from the game’s explanation, at least from my own experience, is that time will only accumulate whenever Bravely Default II is suspended. Whether putting your Nintendo Switch into sleep mode midway through a lengthy Asterisk boss battle or backing out of the game to leave your console idle on the HOME menu screen, this is the only way that I have found for those 12 hours to start building.

It’s worth it, too. Whether you are heading to bed, distracted by your workday or studying at school, Exploration mode offers the chance to make the most of your downtime when not actively playing the game. While on an expedition you set out to explore the sea and surrounding islands. Choose to use online functionality, and you will automatically bump into other random players for the opportunity to earn much better rewards.

The rewards that you will receive generally range from pg (in-game money) to Booster Buns, Experience Orbs and JP Orbs, helping you to level up your party characters and Jobs to help propel you through your adventure.

Bravely Default II is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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