Braveland Trilogy Scratches Your Turn-Based Adventure RPG Itch On Nintendo Switch

Braveland Trilogy Key Art

Tortuga Team has announced that Braveland Trilogy will release on Nintendo Switch next month, a three-in-one turn-based adventure RPG compilation.

That sees Braveland, Braveland Wizard, and Braveland Pirate bundled together, promising to engage your strategic thinking for hours on end.

There are allies to recruit, fiends to fight, and bosses to topple, with the chance to challenge another player in local multiplayer.


Braveland is a turn-based adventure game inspired by old-school turn-based games such as King’s Bounty and Heroes of Might & Magic. In Braveland, you start as a humble warrior’s son whose village was cruelly raided – and work your way to becoming the commander of a powerful army. Hand-crafted art complements a wonderful fantasy-based story where your young hero recruits allies to aid in the cause while learning spells and battling bosses on his way to becoming the ultimate protector of the land.

Braveland Wizard

Braveland Wizard adds a new twist by placing you in the role of a new graduate of the magical academy. The game adds three schools of Battle Magic, a talent tree for deeper character development, more allies to recruit to your cause, and randomly created dungeons which offer your Wizard all kinds of rare rewards!

Braveland Pirate

Braveland Pirate puts you in the role of the sea-dog Captain Jim, as he embarks on a quest to find the Eternal Treasure. Hordes of undead, chests full of gold, devious pirate captains, and breathtaking adventures await you in the Free Islands. This time around, you’re equipped with a sailing ship and a hearty crew, setting sail for tropical paradises loaded with loot!

Braveland Trilogy will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 7th.

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