Brace Yourself For A Summer Of Zelda On Nintendo eShop

legend of zelda wii u

It may have been a year dominated by Pokémon news so far, but 2016 also marks 30 years since The Legend of Zelda first launched in Japan.

That anniversary will be marked by The Legend of Zelda Wii U, Link’s next adventure that we still know far too little about. But, it appears that Nintendo will also kick off a “Summer of Zelda” promotion.

That is according to a promotional message that has appeared in Nintendo of America’s Game Store on mobile, which is accompanied by the message: “These Legend of Zelda games belong on any adventurer’s must-play list.”

It’s not quite as grandiose as the Year of Luigi, but, at least we know that Nintendo is making celebratory preparations, even if a Nintendo eShop sale is our only hint so far.

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  1. I love how so many Western players swear they’ve been playing it 30 years yet never had a Famicom, Disk System, and don’t know katakana- yet they were playing it in Japanese on a Famicom Disk System, since it was only available in Japan in 1986, not debuting until 1987 in the US!!

  2. you’re so cool johnny boy. and I bet you have been playing for 30 years, unlike all those liars. and there’s absolutely nothing pathetic about that at all, nope!

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