Boyfriend Dungeon Delayed Into 2021

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Kitfox Games has confirmed that Boyfriend Dungeon has been delayed into 2021, a decision that has come as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Not wanting the team to undergo crunch to meet an arbitrary deadline, they are now looking to deliver the game “in a reasonable timeframe” without needing to sacrifice its eventual quality.

“So 2020 has been uh, difficult, to put it lightly. While we’re privileged to be able to work remotely, it’s been a hard time for many of us on the team for various mental and personal reasons,” the developer shared in an update on Twitter.

“Throughout the year we’ve made adjustments to ensure we’ve been as mentally/physically safe as possible, at least from an employment standpoint. Plus, we’ve always been staunch believers of not crunching to fill a deadline. All of this means that although the work continues steadily, we’re not quite as productive in 2020 as we’d planned, and that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon.

“This means that, in order to get Boyfriend Dungeon to you at a time that isn’t like… 2025, we’re going to be delaying and moving two stretch goal characters to DLC.

“What it means: Two dateable weapons (Leah/Hammer and Jonah/Axe) will not be available when the game immediately launches. BUT they (+ other cool new content!) will be available as downloadable content in the coming months after the game launches, free to Kickstarter backers.

“We know it can be disappointing, but this is the best way forward for us and the game. We’ve learned from our mistake of trying to ship a game on time when it’s not ready. We want you to be able to play Boyfriend Dungeon ASAP, but we also want to make sure the game is enjoyable and the best it can be. And not burn out in the process, which would certainly make the quality suffer.”

With the chance to take your weapons on romantic dates, you can woo them as you explore a procedurally generated dungeon in Boyfriend Dungeon.

Your time spent together will see you uncover their stories to level them up, capturing their hearts in both friendship and love in this “light-hearted, fantastical shack-and-slash filled with adventure.”

The couple that slays together, stays together, with Boyfriend Dungeon presenting the chance to date up to seven weapons from dancing swords to heart-piercing daggers.

Boyfriend Dungeon will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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