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Blaster Master Zero Update Version 1.4 Adds Boss Blaster Mode

Inti Creates has released a new update for Blaster Master Zero on Nintendo Switch, introducing Boss Blaster Mode. This will unlock after clearing the game and will let players take on every boss and m...


Shantae And Shovel Knight Bolster Blaster Master Zero EX Character DLC

Inti Creates has announced that Shantae and Shovel Knight will soon become playable as EX Characters in Blaster Master Zero. After welcoming Gunvolt and Ekoro, the indie game legends will be made avai...


Blaster Master Zero Sales Surpass 80,000 On Nintendo Switch And 3DS

Inti Creates has revealed that, so far, Blaster Master Zero sales on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS have now surpassed a combined 80,000 copies tally worldwide. The 8-bit action game was an early ar...


Blaster Master Zero Update Version 1.2 Adds New Modes And DLC Characters

Inti Creates has spruced up Blaster Master Zero with a software update, with Version 1.2 heralding new modes and downloadable content. The first is Destroyer Mode, which is described by the developer ...


Blaster Master Zero Review

It might come as a surprise to some that this is actually the seventh Blaster Master title to be released. It is not the most famous or familiar series in the world, that much is fairly obvious for mo...

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