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Blaster Master Zero Update Version 1.4 Adds Boss Blaster Mode

Inti Creates has released a new update for Blaster Master Zero on Nintendo Switch, introducing Boss Blaster Mode.

This will unlock after clearing the game and will let players take on every boss and mid-boss in succession, challenged to score their fastest time. And, exclusive to Nintendo Switch, there is a Co-op Boss Blaster Mode that will let you recruit a friend to fight alongside you.

Changes Made In Blaster Master Zero Update Version 1.4

  • Save Slot Expansion: SAve slots have been increased from 9 to 21. Use the L and R buttons on the save screen to switch pages.
  • Call SOPHIA III anywhere: In EX Character Mode, you can now summon SOPHIA III from the sub-screen (may be unavailable in some areas). Explore freely outside of your trusty vehicle without fear of having to backtrack or retry.
  • Boss Blaster Mode: Available to players who have finished the main game, this mode pits you against the game’s entire cast of bosses and mid-bosses in succession. All of the EX characters you’ve acquired are playable in this mode, too! Aim for getting the fastest clear time you can!
  • Co-op Boss Blaster Mode: Co-op mode plays just like Boss Blaster Mode, only this time you can battle bosses with a friend! You can choose from any of the EX Characters you’ve acquired here as well. Up to two players can play at the same time, with support for split Joy-Con enabled. With two heroes blasting mutant scum together, there are plenty of new strategies abound! Be sure to try out all sorts of character combinations!
  • Other 1.4 features: French, UK English, German, Spanish, and Portugese language options can now be selected. Various bugs have been fixed.
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