Blaster Master Zero Update Version 1.2 Adds New Modes And DLC Characters


Inti Creates has spruced up Blaster Master Zero with a software update, with Version 1.2 heralding new modes and downloadable content.

The first is Destroyer Mode, which is described by the developer as “a super difficult hard mode” that can be accessed once players have cleared the game. In this mode, Jason and SOPHIA III will also have new skins.

The other is the EX Character Mode, that will allow players to tackle the entire game as new downloadable characters that will become available over time. These will each have their own abilities and weapons, creating an entirely new gameplay experience in comparison to protagonist Jason.

The first characters to see release will be Gunvolt and Ekoro, which will be made available for free before becoming paid content. Gunvolt will be free between 4th – 17th May 2017, with Ekoro’s promotional period to run between 1st June – 14th June 2017.

Players can call on Gunvolt’s power of electricity to use his Flashfield and Prevasion abilities, while Mighty Gunvolt and Gal*Gun series angel Ekoro can use her potent chargeable, dual-wielding Desert Angel guns and other angelic weaponry.

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