Blaster Master Zero Sales Surpass 80,000 On Nintendo Switch And 3DS


Inti Creates has revealed that, so far, Blaster Master Zero sales on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS have now surpassed a combined 80,000 copies tally worldwide.

The 8-bit action game was an early arrival on the console and recently received a software update that delivered new modes and DLC characters.

That added the “super difficult” Destroyer Mode and the EX Character Mode, which lets players tackle the entire game as downloadable characters that will be released over time.

The first that have seen release are Gunvolt and Ekoro, which will be made available for free before becoming paid content. Gunvolt will be free between 4th – 17th May 2017, with Ekoro’s promotional period to run between 1st June – 14th June 2017.

We enjoyed Jason Frudnick and SOPHIA III’s return, concluding in our review: “Blaster Master Zero unquestionably isn’t the finest of the modern retro games, but it is still a blast to play through. If you’re harkening for a smaller game that isn’t going to break the bank then you can certainly do a lot worse than this.”

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