Blast ‘Em Bunnies Takes Aim At Nintendo 3DS On March 10th


Nnooo has announced that their endless shooter Blast ‘Em Bunnies will release on Nintendo 3DS in early March.

As cute, cartoon bunny Bang Bang, players must defend their rabbit burrow against a relentless onslaught of evil bunnies. These have captured your offspring, with the evil Throatslitter rather gruesomely holding them hostage.

Armed with either a carrot rifle, watermelon machine gun, turnip mortar or runner bean laser, you’re tasked to take them down – collecting coins to buy new weapons, upgrades and ammo.

Positioned as a “fun, frenetic first person shooter with a dark side,” players can use either traditional or gyro controls on Nintendo 3DS to take aim at their attackers

More than 50 medals are waiting to be unlocked, with missions refreshed on completion or on a daily basis. Trickier challenge comes in lasting as long as you can in Survival mode, or the menacing Slaughter mode where you must survive for two minutes with weaker weapons and health.

A raft of add-on content will let you purchase additional arenas, skins, permanent multipliers and weapon unlocks.

“As a development team of 2 and a company of 3 we have poured our heart and souls into making this game a highly polished, frenetic experience on all of the platforms we are releasing on,” comments Nnooo founder and creative director Nic Watt. “It has been a real labour of love to ensure we release across such a wide range of machines at the same time across the world. We are super proud of our efforts and hope all of our fans old and new enjoy the game!

“We spent a lot of time deciding on the best price and combination for users and feel that by releasing the base game for a low price and allowing fans to customise their experience with add-on content we are giving every user great value for money. We hope everyone loves the unique weapons and ammo types; the cool, distinct arenas with their unique art and sound tracks; and the different enemy bunny skins with their fun, silly or scary looks!”

Blast ‘Em Bunnies will release on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on March 10th.

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