Blast Brigade vs. The Evil Legion Of Dr. Cread Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Blast Brigade vs. The Evil Legion Of Dr. Cread Logo

Allods Team Arcade has announced that Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Taking inspiration from popcorn action movies from the ’80s, this explosive, single-player, 2D Metroidvania action-adventure will see you assemble a team of four special agents from across the globe ⎯ the all-American hero Jeff (J. Jefferson), Soviet KGB Agent Alexandra “Shura” Voron, the Scotsman Gavin Henry Gale or “Galahad,” and Holy Sentinel Vartaxaklahun “Vortex” Paqarnusta – who each has their own abilities that you can switch between on the go.

Jeff’s grenade launcher can be used to cause widespread damage, you can reach new areas with Shura’s grappling hook, unleash Galahad’s robotic arm to destroy heavily armoured enemies and pieces of the environment, or warp using Vortex’s chakram teleporter.

The heroes unite in their mission to save the world, working together to defeat the nefarious Dr. Cread and safeguard the ancient heritage of an island paradise. After many failed attempts at world domination, he has now made his lair on the island while enslaving its inhabitants to help him build his giant doomsday robot. The Blast Brigade will not only have to defeat Dr. Cread’s minions but also master strange, ancient technology in their quest to save the world.

Blast Brigade vs. The Evil Legion of Dr. Cread is now available digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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