Blast Bacteria In Vitamin Connection On Nintendo Switch

Vitamin Connection Logo

Limited Run Games and WayForward have revealed Vitamin Connection, a Nintendo Switch exclusive action game in which you play as Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl.

While the whole game can be played solo, you will have the chance to team up with a friend in the asymmetrical local two-player co-op mode.

Controlling the minuscule Capsule Ship, you must battle evil bacteria from within living organisms. That will see you use the Vitamin Beam to blast subatomic foes, working to safely navigate maze-like stages to rescue the Sable family.

In co-op, one player will control the Capsule Ship’s movement and shooting, while the other looks after its rotation and aiming – requiring coordination between both players to succeed.

There are also sub-games to participate in, which present rhythm challenges, Pong-like reflex tests, and more.

The game will first be made available exclusively as a physical release published by Limited Run Games, before WayForward releases the game digitally on the Nintendo eShop.

Vitamin Connection will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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