Blasphemous Vanquishes Bloodthirsty Creatures On Nintendo Switch


After a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign, The Game Kitchen has announced that they have teamed up with a “very experienced development partner” to release Blasphemous on Nintendo Switch.

Set in the savage land of Orthodoxia, the dark and brutal, hand-crafted pixel art action game smashed its $50,000 campaign goal in under 24 hours, and, with stretch goals laid out, has now gone on to secure $181,872 from 5,424 backers. Two weeks remain if you still wish to back the project.

You play as The Penitent One, a rogue nomad that sets out to tackle the evil in the world with only its trusty sword by their side. He is the last survivor of a congregation called The Silent Sorrow, a group that was sentenced to be thrown to the great Abyss of the Eternal Grief.

With fast, intense and satisfying action combat lying at the game’s core, players can chain encounters to unlock the Martyr’s Excommunication mode that will see you become near unstoppable as you look to survive the hellish lands in the Age of Corruption.

With non-sequential level design, you will be free to explore a huge world that the developer hopes will feel “as open as it is oppressive.” Epic boss battles will await you in challenging the enormous creatures that rule the damned universe, with each level telling a story to those that are interested without disrupting the gratifying action.

Blasphemous is scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2019.

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