Bionik’s Power Plate And Giganet Adapter Nintendo Switch Accessories Out In Europe

Bionik Nintendo Switch Power Plate And Giganet Adapter Photo

Bionik has announced that their premium Power Plate and Giganet Adapter accessories for Nintendo Switch are now available in Europe.

Power Plate

The Power Plate has been created as a portable power system, that, having advanced Li-on battery technology, lets you charge the portable home console and Joy-Con controllers on the move.

Your Joy-Con can attach to the sides, meaning that you can continue to play while charging them in Tabletop, Handheld, or TV mode. And then, the included USB Type-C cable allows you to charge the console and Joy-Con (when attached like normal).

The LED indicators on the Power Plate will show which products are charging, as well as how much battery power remains in the accessory – using a separate Charging Dock to recharge it.

Bionik Nintendo Switch Power Plate Photo

Giganet Adapter

The Giganet Adapter for Nintendo Switch is – if you haven’t gathered from the name – a high-speed USB 3 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.

The adapter promises to add a “blazing-fast wired ethernet capability” to the portable home console, and has a unique grill pattern to prevent blocking the Nintendo Switch Dock’s ventilation.

It plugs directly into the Dock’s USB port and will be useful to those looking for a faster and more secure connection compared to Wi-Fi. The Giganet Adapter supports 10/100/1000-bit Ethernet.

Bionik Nintendo Switch Giganet Adapter Photo

“The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic new gaming console that has revolutionized the way we play at home and on the go. As with any popular device it is already home to a wide variety of gaming accessories. Unfortunately, a large number of these, feature disappointing quality, and are aimed at the value side of the market,” explains Bionik senior vice president of product development, Amir Navid.

“At Bionik we have worked very hard to develop a range of premium accessories with focus on innovation, and improved performance, resulting in products that help you play better, and last longer. Already successful across America, we are delighted to bring the first products in our Switch range to European gamers.”

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