Big Buck Bunny recreation becomes Nintendo Video exclusive

big buck bunny

Nintendo of Europe have announced that Big Buck Bunny will be available through Nintendo Video from May 2nd, as part of a special partnership with the award-winning Blender Foundation.

Proprietors of an open source 3D content creation suite, Big Buck Bunny is one of Blender Foundation’s most well-known characters.

The film follows the adventures of the loveable rabbit, as he seeks revenge on a trio of mischievous woodland creatures who have disrupted his peaceful daily routine. Ten-minutes in length, it is inspired by the best cartoon traditions, and is currently being recreated in stereoscopic 3D by the Finnish Studio Lumikuu.

The first part will be available from May 2nd.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director of PR and Marketing at Nintendo of Europe, explained “We are proud to be working with the Blender Foundation to bring the adventures of Big Buck Bunny to you as Nintendo Video content. The Stereoscopic 3D technology really helps to bring the characters to life on screen. Make sure you continue to check Nintendo Video on your Nintendo 3DS for further instalments of Big Buck and his friends.”

“As a Nintendo and Zelda fan I’m thrilled to see our work come to life on the Nintendo 3DS,” added Ton Roosendaal, the Chairman of the Blender foundation. “Lumikuu have done a fantastic job, watching it in 3D was like seeing our own film for the first time again!”

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