Beware of this Pokémon X & Y game freezing glitch in Lumiose City


Whilst Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are already off to a flying start after their anticipated worldwide launch has been and gone, users have begun encountering a glitch that runs the risk of forcing players to abandon their progress completely.

GameFAQs members are reporting that if players save near any of Lumiose City’s taxi cabs, or even simply outside for that matter, it runs the risk of the game being unable to reload the save correctly. Instead seeing you left with the game freezing with textureless buildings and objects on the bustling streets that surround you, and, more significantly, causing your 3DS to completely freeze.

Whilst not wishing to corrupt my 35-hour save file to test this, it’s certainly worth bringing it to your attention to make sure that you avoid saving outside in Lumiose City in the meantime. Nintendo have been known to issue patches through the Nintendo eShop, most recently for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., so hopefully they can investigate and correct this.

[Thank NeoGAF]
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  1. I saved like 50 times everywhere, trying to corrupt my save on purpose. It didnt do anything. Guess ill just have to delete it manualy. :/

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