Best Weapons In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

master sword of resurrection screenshot

With 120 weapons available in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s important that you equip yourself with the best weapons available to you in Link’s open-air adventure to take down marauding enemies.

In helping you to discover those with the most powerful base attack power, we have run through the top 14 strongest weapons in the Nintendo Switch and Wii U exclusive.


1. Master Sword – 30 Attack Power

The legendary sword that seals the darkness. Its blade gleams with a sacred lustre that can oppose the Calamity. Only a hero chosen by the sword itself may wield it.

Common Locations:
Korok Forest


2. Savage Lynel Crusher – 78 Attack Power

This Lynel-made two-handed weapon is immensely heavy thanks to a rare metal from Death Mountain’s peak. The power of its downward swing is in a class all its own.

Common Locations:
Dropped by white-maned Lynels and Silver Lynels in Hebra Mountains and Eldin Mountains


3. Royal Guard’s Claymore – 72 Attack Power

The Sheikah used the very essence of ancient technology to forge this greatsword. It was designed to oppose the Calamity, but its low durability made it impractical in battle.

Common Locations:
Hyrule Castle


4. Ancient Battle Axe++ – 60 Attack Power

This ancient battle axes’ damage output is scaled up to peak performance. Ancient technology makes it possible to enhance cutting power beyond metal weapons’ limits.

Common Locations:
Dropped by Guardian Scout IV in Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands


5. Boulder Breaker – 60 Attack Power

This two-handed weapon was once wielded by the Goron Champion Daruk. Daruk made swinging it around look easy, but a Hylian would need an immense amount of strength.

Common Locations:
Eldin Canyon, as a reward for completing the Divine Beast Vah Rudania dungeon


6. Savage Lynel Sword – 58 Attack Power

A brutal sword carried by white-haired Lynels. The savage blades are strong enough to cut down any foe, no matter how strong.

Common Locations:
Dropped by white-maned Lynels or silver Lynels in Hyrule Field and Hebra Mountains


7. Ancient Bladesaw – 55 Attack Power

This two-handed sword was forged using ancient Sheikah technology. Its unique rotating blades give it impressive cutting power that will slice enemies to shreds.

Common Locations:
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab


8. Royal Claymore – 52 Attack Power

A two-handed sword issued to the Hyrulean royal family’s immediate guard detail. Its powerful strikes are said to crush an opponent’s body and resolve alike.

Common Locations:
Tabantha Frontier, Gerudo Desert and Hyrule Castle


9. Royal Guard’s Sword – 48 Attack Power

A Sheikah-made replica of the sword that seals the darkness. It was made with ancient technology to oppose the Great Calamity, but its low durability made it inefficient.

Common Locations:
Hyrule Castle


10. Dragonbone Moblin Club – 45 Attack Power

The bone of an ancient beast has been affixed to this Moblin club, further increasing its damage. Moblins carrying these in battle are particularly dangerous.

Common Locations:
Hebra Mountains and Eldin Mountains


11. Ancient Short Sword – 40 Attack Power

The blade of this sword was made using an ancient power lost to this modern age. Its blade appears only when drawn, and its cutting power surpasses metal swords.

Common Locations:
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab


12. Demon Carver – 40 Attack Power

This lethal weapon is forged by the Yiga. Its unique shape facilitates the sound dispatching of any target and strikes fear into the hearts of all who see it.

Common Locations:
Dropped by Yiga Footsoldiers


13. Guardian Sword++ – 40 Attack Power

The abilities of this Guardian sword have been boosted to the maximum, as evidenced by its increase in size. It slices through armour like a hot knife through butter!

Common Locations:
Dropped by Guardian Scouts IV in Hebra Mountains and Akkala Highlands


14. Royal Broadsword – 36 Attack Power

The Hyrulean royal family would award this sword to knights who achieved remarkable feats. A sword that balances strength and beauty as elegantly as this one is a rare find.

Common Locations:
Tabantha Frontier and Akkala Highlands