Best Shields In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

With 31 shields available in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s important that you equip yourself with the best shields available to you in Link’s open-air adventure to defend against marauding enemies.

In helping you to discover those with the most powerful base defense power, we have run through the top six strongest shields in the Nintendo Switch and Wii U exclusive.


1. Hylian Shield

Durability: 800
Parry Power: 90

A shield passed down through the Hyrulean royal family, along with the legend of the hero who wielded it. Its defensive capabilities and durability outshine all other shields.

Common Locations:
Hyrule Castle


2. Ancient Shield

Durability: 32
Parry Power: 70

This shield was made using ancient Sheikah technology. Its surface glows blue when raised in defense. Enhanced functionality allows it to deflect Guardian beams.

Common Locations:
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab


3. Royal Guard’s Shield

Durability: 14
Parry Power: 70

This shield was forged using ancient Sheikah technology. It boasts extremely high stopping power, but its structural weakness made its low durability impractical for combat.

Common Locations:
Hyrule Castle


4. Savage Lynel Shield

Durability: 20
Parry Power: 62

This ultimate Lynel shield is used only by the white-haired Lynels. It excels at defending against even the most brutal of attacks and cutting down powerful foes when deflecting.

Common Locations:
Dropped by white-maned Lynels and silver Lynels in Hyrule Field and Hebra Mountains


5. Royal Shield

Durability: 29
Parry Power: 55

A shield issued to the Hyrulean royal family’s immediate guard detail. It boasts a high defence, but these days it’s more a collector’s item due to its ornamentation.

Common Locations:
Hyrule Castle and Hebra Mountains


6. Knight’s Shield

Durability: 23
Parry Power: 40

A shield favoured by the knights who served the Hyrulean royal family. Its sturdy metal construction makes it quite durable but its weight requires decent skill to wield.

Common Locations:
Hebra Mountains and Eldin Mountains

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