Best Month Ever! Coming To Nintendo Switch

Best Month Ever! Screenshot

Klabater and Warsaw Film School have revealed that Best Month Ever! is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Supervised by Warsaw Film School vice-rector and The Witcher game series co-creator Maciej Szcześnik, the game has been developed as a collaboration between experienced developers and young Polish filmmakers.

Set in the crazy 1960s in the United States – a symbolic time of change and counter-revolution – you play as Louise, a single mother who must raise her son Mitch on her own. After she is diagnosed with an acute terminal illness, she is determined to find a new home to secure a promising future for her son.

As they travel across a country that has become frenzied with change, she will have the chance to teach her son valuable life lessons and must make difficult decisions that will shape his future.

“In Best Month Ever! We explore the significant themes of transience and responsibility,” explains Klabater CMO Michal Gembicki. “Each decision impacts what Mitch will be like in the future, and it’s up to us to decide who he will become at the end of the crucial journey with Louis. Therefore, we focused on the depth of the story we are conveying, which has many turning points, as we prepared as many as 9 different endings of the game.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s features as below:

  • Buckle Up for the Best Month Ever: Set in 1960s America, you play Louise, a single mother working as a waitress suddenly diagnosed with an acute terminal illness. With one month left to live, she gathers her son Mitch and embarks on a road trip across the United States to expose him to the realities of a rapidly changing world and raise him against the ticking clock.
  • Shape Mitch’s Future: To keep track of Mitch’s growth as a person, each choice you make adds positive or negative influence to three statistics: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations. This changes your story on the go, making each playthrough feel unique – the game offers 9 different endings, each one showing a different version of the man Mitch becomes. So not only will Louise and Mitch’s fates be subject to change, but also their mutual relationship. Best Month Ever is, above all, the story of the emotional, challenging, and unique bond that can only exist between a mother and son.
  • Different Outcomes: Turn on, tune in, drop out… and decide! Different choices result in one of 9 different endings for the game. After that, it’s up to the player to determine what kind of person Mitch will become and what exactly happened during his memorable journey through the USA with his mother – it’s no coincidence that Best Month Ever! is releasing just two days before #mothersday in the U.S.
  • Weird 60s Trip: What a time to travel it was! Canned Heat was singing about “Going Up the Country” while Bob Dylan asked “How does it feel” to have no home and live on the street. Louise and Mitch travel across the continental United States, meeting bikers, hippies, Klansmen, Native Americans, and far-out wanderers of all sorts. Can you dig it?

Best Month Ever! will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 5th May 2022.

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