Best Buy Employees Spread Holiday Cheer With Wii U Surprise

super smash bros wii u roster

When Best Buy sales associates noticed that a young customer was returning to their store every day to play Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on their demo kiosk, they clubbed together to spread some early Holiday cheer.

The customer was so surprised by the unexpected gesture, that the employees at the Valley Stream, New York store had to work hard to convince him that it was genuine. They even went as far as to drive him home to make sure that he was safe, where his parents were as equally overcome by the gift.

It was Rahiem Storr who has shared the video, who, having worked at Best Buy for 10 years, was keen to dispel “horrible opinions” about Best Buy’s associates.

“Whilst people have some horrible opinions about Best Buy associates I can not begin to express how wrong they actually are,” Storr explained. “I posted this to show otherwise, can’t tell you how often I give people discounts or children that save money to buy items and come up a few dollars short.

“We are here to complete people’s lives not take away from it. Been with the company for 10 years now and what our store did is why I continue to stay. The trolls I see on here make it hard sometimes as I deal with them in the store on a daily basis however it is what I signed up for and we all work through it.”

With the YouTube video now monetised and a GoFundMe page created, Storr is looking to use any earned revenue to buy the customer more games and accessories.

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