Become The Galaxy’s Greatest Swashbuckler In Flinthook On Nintendo Switch


Tribute Games has announced that Flinthook will release on Nintendo Switch, a fast action-platformer with roguelike elements in which you become the galaxy’s greatest swashbuckler.

When a malevolent treasure hunter hatches a sinister plan to unleash an ancient evil that threatens the cosmos itself, it is down to you to save the galaxy while seeking out riches.

Players can use the mighty Chainhook to dodge enemy fire and defy gravity, or the Blasma Pistol to line up the perfect shot to take out your enemies. And then there’s the Chrono-Belt that, once it has charged up, will slow down time to help you evade deadly traps and enemy fire that’s flying in your direction.

The pirate spaceships that you conquer are procedurally generated from hand-crafted rooms, modified by various variants, populated by random waves of enemies, and, the developer promises, filled with extraordinary treasure.

Flinthook will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018, with Limited Run Games to produce a physical edition.

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