Beamdog criticise Nintendo’s digital support

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Beamdog, publisher of the recently announced Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, has stated that they won’t develop for Nintendo in future due to “previous experience”.

Whilst their subsidiary, Overhaul Games, are currently developing the remake for PC, Mac and iPad, there are no plans to bring it to Wii U.

“We don’t do Nintendo development”, explained Trent Oster, Beamdog founder and ex-BioWare project director. “Our previous experience with Nintendo was enough to ensure there will not be another”.

Last year, Overhaul Games released a port of cult third-person shooter MDK2 through WiiWare, which introduced motion control support.

“My problems with Nintendo are: requiring 6000 unit sales before payment, a certification process that took us 9 months and a 40mb limit”, Oster later clarified.

[Thanks Eurogamer]

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