Bayonetta 2 receives developer diary


Whilst Nintendo aren’t yet ready to show Bayonetta 2 in action, yesterday’s Wii U Direct at least provided us with status update in the form of a developer video.

Within, you’ll be able to see glimpses at how the game is progressing, with the team providing an insight in regards to their goals with the Wii U exclusive.

“We want to make a game that maximises the Wii U’s potential, but also ups the ante on the Climax Action you’d expect from Bayonetta 2. It will be worth the wait,” they comment.

Fans of the original can look forward to new locations and enemies, with the development team commenting that they’re “thinking about interesting new ideas to expand upon the essence of Bayonetta.”

They describe the game’s scale as being “completely different,” making the player feel as if they “are fighting the last boss from the very beginning.”

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