Bayonetta 2 boasts “Tag Climax” an online co-op mode


In a stealth announcement, Nintendo have announced that Bayonetta 2 will incorporate a new two-player online co-operative mode called “Tag Climax.”

While details remain light this will pit you against one another to “prove you’re a better fighter than your partner,” with players wagering halos as to whether they think they can win. Presumably, as it’s co-operative, this will see you defeat as many angels as you possibly can within a specified time limit, although other parameters may be thrown into the mix.

If you win, you’ll be rewarded with the wagered halos which can then be traded in a story mode shop to unlock new techniques, buy accessories and pick up alternate weapon variations.

Bayonetta 2 releases exclusively on Wii U across Europe and North America in October.

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