Battlezone: Gold Edition Brings Futuristic Tank Warfare To Nintendo Switch

Battlezone: Gold Edition Screenshot

Rebellion has announced that Battlezone: Gold Edition will release on Nintendo Switch, bringing first-person, futuristic tank warfare to the portable home console.

First released as a PlayStation VR launch game, the procedurally generated tank shooter is now completely playable without the need for a virtual reality headset.

The main campaign will let up to four players obliterate their enemies with neon shells, and will support drop-in, drop-out online co-operative play.

TickTock Games are handling the port to Nintendo Switch, which will include the base game and all the additional content that was released for it. That throws in the cosmetic tank skins, bobbleheads, and horns, as well as the Classic Mode – which takes inspiration from the original 1980s arcade cabinet.

Battlezone: Gold Edition will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2018.

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