Battle Shadow Link through Zelda: A Link Between Worlds StreetPass support


Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct saw the company reveal how they have implemented StreetPass within Link’s latest adventure.

Players will create their own Shadow Link, based upon the number of heart containers they currently have and whichever items they are wielding, which will be distributed to anyone that you pass.

Depending on how strong your character is, the great the rupee bounty that is placed on your Shadow Link’s head, and if defeated will reward players with a significant wallet boost – valuable when you’re renting and purchasing items from Ravio’s Shop.

Gramps in Kakariko Village will place wooden placards when any are available to be faced, and once activated will be waiting for you somewhere within Hyrule or Lorule.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds launches across Europe and North America on November 22nd.

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