Battle For The Jade Katana In Ninja Shodown On Nintendo Switch


Rising Star Games has announced that Ninja Shodown will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

From Super House of Dead Ninjas and 88 Heroes developer Bitmap Bureau, it will see every ninja fight for themselves in the ultimate battle for the Jade Katana.

Players can either fight alone, team up with, or take on, friends in what promises to be intense multiplayer arena-based combat where only the mightiest ninjas will prevail – the weak paying the ultimate price in death and dishonour.

With six game modes in Last Ninja, Battle, Coin, Crown, Arcade, and Infinite, ninjas will use deadly weapons to take down their competition in five locations – Temple, Dojo, Downtown, Museum, and Area 88.

Ninja Shodown will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2017.

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