Bark ‘Em Up ProtoCorgi Coming To Nintendo Switch This November

ProtoCorgi Logo

Koch Media and Kemono Games have revealed that ProtoCorgi is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This retro-style bark ’em up stars the cutest yet deadliest Corgi in gaming history, Bullet. The C3 class – Cute Cyber Corgi or Cosmic Combat Corgi – cybernetic pup is a military experiment and comes armed to the teeth.

After discovering that his creator, the brilliant scientist Nixie, has been kidnapped by evil alien forces seeking galactic domination, he sets out on a quest to save her.

He will need to summon all of his barking power to succeed, which will challenge you to shoot, dodge and bark your way through the stars.

ProtoCorgi will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in November 2020.

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