Balan Wonderworld Opening Movie Sets The Stage

Balan Wonderworld Screenshot

Square Enix and Balan Company have released the opening movie for Balan Wonderworld, which is coming to Nintendo Switch next year.

This all-new action-platformer comes from director Yuji Naka (Sonic the Hedgehog franchise creator, Team Sonic co-founder) and character designer Naoto Oshima (Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman, Team Sonic co-founder), marking their first collaboration in 20 years.

After entering a whimsical land through a mysterious theatre, you play as Leo and Emma who have the chance to set out on an adventure like no other. With the enigmatic maestro named Balan as their guide, they set out to explore Wonderworld and restore happiness and balance to the hearts and minds of those that they encounter.

You will use more than 80 extraordinary costumes which change Leo’s and Emma’s appearance, granting them fantastical powers – such as walking on air, freezing time or manipulating objects – to defeat the enemies and obstacles that they are confronted with.

Balan Wonderworld will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 26th March 2021.

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