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Average UK gamer is married, 35 and earns £23k a year

The average UK gamer is married, aged 35 and earns £23k a year, a study completed by social network service Pixwoo suggests.

The study was comprised of 2000 Brits who consider themselves to be a ‘gamer.’ Going against the stereotype of students with plenty of time on their hands, the enjoyable hobby is actually becoming increasingly more attractive to more settled adults.

Further results see males and females spending just as much time gaming as each other, with the average daily session lasting 2 hours and 32 minutes.

Most enthusiasts own two different consoles, 18 games and take around a month to complete one game, with the Wii being the most popular console to own, followed by a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

It isn’t all positive, with gaming being disruptive to relationships. Arguments occurring twice weekly on average, and 15 percent saying they’ve broken up with someone because of it.

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