Autonauts Out On Nintendo Switch This Month

Autonauts Key Art

Curve Games and Denki have announced that their base-building, management and automation sim Autonauts is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The game offers “a brand-new player experience” on the portable home console, the developer adding “an evolved tutorial and structure that enables [you] to hone [your] coding skills more quickly and effectively.”

You will have the chance to explore a colourful universe of coding and crafting, building a mighty Bot workforce which can automate everything in your settlement. It’s up to you to teach them what to do – expanding their brains and operational potential with numerous upgrades and options.

You will code your mechanical Workerbot by showing them what you want them to do step-by-step – whether that be cooking, farming, mining, construction or more – before sitting back and watching them in action. That could see them create rudimentary crafting items and structures from blueprints, eventually turning your new planet into a fully functioning home.

Autonauts will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 16th June 2022.

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