Australia gets in on Magmar and Electabuzz Pokémon X & Y distribution event


The Pokémon Company International aren’t leaving just the UK to enjoy the recently announced Magmar and Electabuzz distribution event for Pokémon X & Y.

Australia will shortly get in on the action, the company detailing that it will run the promotion between April 11th – May 11th across the country, with EB Games, JB Hifi and Target stores participating.

Remember that the Fire-type Magmar is available to those with Pokémon X, with Pokémon Y players able to claim Electric-type Electabuzz. They will hold Magmarizer and Electirizer respectively, required for them each to evolve through trading.

No purchase is necessary, so just ask a member of staff if they can help! Although, it has warned that codes must be redeemed and the Pokémon collected at a Pokémon Center by September 30th 2014, otherwise their availability will expire.

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