Atlus release debut trailer for MAHJONG CUB3D

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Atlus have released a debut trailer for MAHJONG CUB3D, the addictive, intuitive tile-matching game that is now further enhanced by the captivating glasses-free three-dimensional capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.

Within this trailer, you’ll be able to view each of the game’s three modes in action: Cube Mode, in which players will twist and rotate their view in order to solve the matching puzzle and clear the playfield; Vs. Mode, which allows for two players to go head to head to see who can clear their field faster; and Classic Mode, which offers a more traditional, zoomed out Mahjong tile matching experience.

In total, the game will include over 200 puzzles across three different modes with differing difficulty settings, which is further expanded by the ability to compete head-to-head with a friend.

MAHJONG CUB3D is due to release for on July 19th across North America, with no confirmation yet as to a European release. The debut trailer is below:

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