ATLUS reclothe Kiria Kurono in Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE


ATLUS has revised their character costume for Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE’s Kiria Kurono, an adored chart-topping singer that will be a playable character in the Wii U exclusive.

As an idol, when she performs the character was previously seen in trailers as wearing thigh-high black boots and bikini bottoms. However, as the role-playing game nears launch in Japan NeoGAF users have spotted that such scantily-clad clothing has since been replaced by black leggings.

Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE was initially announced as a crossover project between Nintendo and ATLUS, under the working title Shin Megamit Tensei x Fire Emblem. Blending elements from each series, the game’s young cast are skilled Mirage Masters that are able to merge themselves with Mirages – characters that take inspiration from the Fire Emblem series.

Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE will release exclusively for Wii U in Japan on December 26th, and across Europe and North America in 2016.





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