Astroneer Rated For Nintendo Switch By The ESRB

Astroneer Image

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has issued a rating for Astroneer on Nintendo Switch, suggesting that System Era Softworks has ported the sci-fi exploration and adventure game to the portable home console.

First revealed for Xbox One and PC on 6th February 2019, it later came to PlayStation 4 on 15th November 2019 and tasks players to colonize planets, create structures, and mine resources.

“This is an adventure game in which players help an astronaut establish a new colony on an alien planet,” the ESRB rating reads.

“Players use various tools and gadgets (e.g., terraformers, oxygenators) to gather resources in order to survive.

“While exploring, players may face occasional dangers: suffocating due to lack of oxygen; getting eaten by a worm creature; dying from mysterious plants that explode into toxic gas.”

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