Astrogun prepping Project CIDER for Wii U


Astrogun have become the latest to be granted an official Nintendo license, spurring the independent developer to ploughing headfirst into bringing their “Mythic Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Game” to Wii U.

Nintendo’s indie-friendly policies have proved a success in dissuading Xander Davis from his previously critical opinion of the console, to now gleefully being excited to see his game running on a major Nintendo console.

“The kid in me is so thrilled to be making a game for a major Nintendo console that I dug up all my Nintendo Powers from 1988 onward and have been pouring over them for inspiration. It’s a good feeling, and I think that’s already making its way into the game design,” Davis shared in his excitement.

“I’m fulltime developing Project CIDER now, and the next few months are especially going to be very intense with a lot of rapid development. It’s a very exciting time.”

[Thanks Nintendo Life]

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