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More Nintendo 3DS, Wii U And Nintendo Switch Games Discounted In Festive Offers 2017 Promotion

As promised, Nintendo of Europe has announced further games for Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS that have been discounted on the Nintendo eShop as part of the Festive Offers 2017 promotion. T...


Astro Bears Party Review

Bears in space suits, jetpacks, and Magical Beary Ribbons are the three party items required to get the festivities started in Astro Bears Party. This competitive party game for Nintendo Switch has se...

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Astro Bears Party Suits Up In Space Suits On Nintendo Switch

QubicGames has revealed that Astro Bears Party will soon see release as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The competitive party game stars bears in space suits and it is pitched as an easy-to-learn but a h...

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