Astro Bears Expands On Astro Bears Party With New Content

Astro Bears Screenshot

SONKA has announced that Astro Bears will soon release on Nintendo Switch, expanding on the content that was first seen in surprise hit, Astro Bears Party.

Those that own the original game can download Astro Bears for free, in which you can play as four new bears – even the famous World War II bear Private Wojtek, who had helped soldiers carry ammunition in the Italian campaign.

Party Mode now has a new Huge Planet, and players can up the challenge with a finite ribbon or randomized mode settings.

Jetfish Hunting now has online leaderboards and two players can work together, while the Competitive Mode adds a new one-on-one tournament play option.

This is a Best of Five competition in which players select three different Astro Bears and then whichever best fits the randomized environment. Competing in rounds, play continues until a player scores 10 points before the next environment is selected. The winner is whoever wins with all three Astro Bears.

“When we originally released Astro Bears Party, we never envisioned that it would become such a phenomenon,” explains SONKA CEO Rafal Sankowski.

“The community embraced our core concept of a very simple, straightforward game that is tons of fun to play, and we are thrilled to reward our loyal fans with all this new Astro Bears content for free.”

Astro Bears will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2019 priced at $6.99 and will be made available for free to those that own Astro Bears Party.

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