Astro Bears Coming To Nintendo Switch On Space Exploration Day

Astro Bears Key Art

SONKA has announced that Astro Bears will release on Nintendo Switch next month – the sequel to their surprise hit, Astro Bears Party.

Hitting the Nintendo eShop on Space Exploration Day, it comes packed with four new Bears, new planets run your Magical Beary Ribbon around, and new play modes.

Each Astro Bear has their own unique playstyle, challenged to wrap their infinite (or finite) Magical Beary Ribbon around planets that range from small to ginormous.

Two players can now team up to play Jetfish Hunting in co-op mode, which now has global leaderboards. While the Competitive Mode is a new one-on-one tournament play option that has been created “to support the growing Astro Bears esports community.”

This has a Best of Five format, where each player chooses three different Astro Bears to then select the best choice that suits the randomized environment. Once 10 points is reached in each round, the next random environment will appear – the winner being whoever wins with all three of their Astro Bears.

Astro Bears will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 19th priced at $6.99 and will be free to those that have bought Astro Bears Party.

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