ASDA no longer stocking Wii U in stores


ASDA have confirmed their decision to remove Wii U consoles, games and accessories from the chain’s supermarket shelves.

In defending such a move, they reiterated that they would still be available to purchase through their online ASDA Direct service, and that the company has expanded the shelf space for 3DS in demonstration of their support of Nintendo.

“ASDA continues to offer customers a selection of Wii U games and accessories through ASDA Direct, but these ranges are currently not on offer in ASDA shops,” a company spokesperson explained.

“Wii U will be available through every ASDA store; customers are able to order it online and have it delivered to their home or their local store for free through our click and collect service.

“We continue to support Nintendo as a partner and we have recently extended the number of stores and the space we allocate within these stores to 3DS games and Nintendo’s 3DS games and 3DS XL handheld consoles.”

[Thanks Eurogamer]

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