Asda launch ‘Tech Trade-In’ service for unwanted phones, consoles and gadgets


From a recent national Omnibus poll, Asda have deduced that British homes are sitting on a mountain of unused gadgets worth billions of pounds and are therefore launching a service to offer you the opportunity to get some money for them.

Whilst initially Asda will only be accepting mobile phones, Sat Navs, digital cameras, MP3 players and portable games consoles, from the beginning of June they’ll open up the opportunity for customers to trade-in laptops, tablets and games consoles for cash.

As I’m sure a majority of you are aware, old gadgets – especially mobile phones – are prized for their refurbishment and recycling value, with refurbished technology regularly re-sold in the UK or overseas whereas specialist firms extract rare metals and use them in other devices.

Therefore, to encourage households to cash-in on the value of their old technology, a new electronic trade-in service is launched today by Asda, with a pledge to pay the best price for gadgets traded in. Such a service will enable millions of customers to send in and trade their unwanted tech items for cash. Then, from June, customers can pick up envelopes in all stores nationwide to earn cash from their unwanted goods.

“We reckon that the average UK home has hundreds of pounds worth of old gadgets that could be traded in for cash,” commented Phil Stout, Asda’s Electronics Service Manager. “There are more mobile phones in the UK than people, for example, so there is a lot of cash out there waiting to be released. Our tech trade-in service means customers can now save even more on their gadget purchases at Asda or use the bounty to save on the cost of day-to-day living.”

The Asda Tech Trade-in offers a “We will not be beaten on Price” offer against stated market leaders – if a better price is offered for the same gadget by a listed competitor, Asda will pay the difference.

In closing, Phil Stout adds “By recycling, refurbishing or repairing these items we’re also helping the UK to become greener – meaning all that electrical equipment in your drawers can still have a useful life.”

So, if you’re interested you can head over to the Asda ‘Tech Trade-in’ service website, here.

I’m sure you’ll find some of the prices quite ridiculous, here are some examples:
* Sony PSP – £15.01 cash
* Sony PSP 3000 – £20.01 cash
* Sony PSP Go – £39.01 cash
* Nintendo DS – £6.01 cash
* Nintendo DS Lite – £6.01 cash
* Nintendo DSi – £16.01 cash

… so, thank God they have a price match offer… but it’s only with ‘listed’ competitors. Deary me…

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