Ascend To Godhood In POLYGOD On Nintendo Switch

POLYGOD Screenshot

Krafted Games has announced that POLYGOD will see release on Nintendo Switch, a minimalist, rogue-like, randomly generated, first-person shooter.

Only the most skilled gamers will ascend to Godhood, players calling on unique blessings to combine and stack to create hundreds of thousands of unique weapons in both online co-op and versus multiplayer.

Promised to be super fast-paced and addictive, the developer has likened the classic controls to the original DOOM and Quake 3, for longterm fans of the genre.

“POLYGOD has been designed for hardcore gamers who love challenging game experiences like Binding of Isaac, Dark Souls and Cuphead,” commented Dominic Obojkovits, co-founder, lead designer and programmer at Krafted Games.

“With a different gameplay experience every time, the randomly generated levels will challenge even the most hardcore of the hardcore! We’ve implemented an unexpectedly deep level of weapon customisation and progression within the gameplay and believe gamers will find elements to keep them coming back for just one more run, over and over again!”

POLYGOD will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2018, priced at £16.19 (€16.59 / $14.99).

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